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Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to let it all go. Make the time to retreat within, to the stillness of your inhale and exhale, where releasing happens. There, allow yourself to peel back the layers. Allow yourself to let it all go.

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You deserve to let it all go. All Full Moons are a powerful time of releasing and letting go, but the Scorpio Full Moon is a time where we can get deep with ourselves, and figure out what is holding us back, what is paining us, and what we need to clear in order to live up to our fullest potential. What does it look like when you are living up to the fullest of your potential? What does it look like when you start living from a space of true authenticity?

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Who do you become? These are the questions the Scorpio Full Moon is exploring, and while they may not all be answered in a day, you can start laying the foundation under this energy. While this energy is asking us to think about our direction and the path we are walking on, we are going to have to get deeper with this. Scorpio energy is not concerned with what you do, but rather how you do what you do. Your soul came to learn, to experience, to feel, to teach, but most importantly, your soul came for adventure.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

And it is up to you, to figure out what adventure you wish to take it on. It is up to you to take your soul on the ride of its life. Your soul knows that no matter the path, the choices, the actions, or the decisions you make, it is only what YOU make of it that matters. There are no wrong paths in this life. In fact, every experience both good, bad, big, or small is always nudging you back onto your path and back into alignment.

Every day you get to make a decision about how you wish to see the world. Every day you get to decide if you are going to try something new, or go back to the comfort of what you already know. Life is full of choices, and no matter what you choose, you have to remember that it is all part of the adventure. There is a heavy energy around this Full Moon that will be drawing us in and asking us to listen to the depths of our heart and soul.

We are going to have to be gentle and patient with ourselves, and allow the magic of the Moon to do its work. If you simply take a moment to get still, the Moon will guide you to what you need to release, so you can become more of who you really are, free from the shackles of society, of thoughts, and of expectations.

Here’s What Scorpio’s Full Flower Moon Means for You |

You are more powerful, more beautiful, more successful, more intelligent, more wonderful than you realize. You are more in tune with your soul than you realize. This means that either Blue Moon occurs roughly every two or three years, although the monthly ones are a little more frequent than the seasonal ones. The seasonal Blue Moon is the original astronomical definition of a Blue Moon. Usually, there are three Full Moons between each astronomical season, which is the time between each solstice and equinox.

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But some years, there are four Full Moons in a season. When this happens, the third Full Moon is called a Blue Moon. The astronomical season started with the equinox on March 20, and the first Full Moon alignment was less than four hours later; on March The fourth and last Full Moon before the June solstice was on June All dates mentioned are based on UTC time.

There is some variation due to time zone differences.

May 18 2019 Full Moon

You will also find Full Moon names for the Northern Hemisphere. The calculation of the dates for monthly Blue Moons is based on the 12 12 months in our calendar rather than astronomical seasons.

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  4. A lunar month — the time between two Full Moons — is around Because of this, most months have only one Full Moon. Some years, however, there are two Full Moons in the same month, and the second one is often called a Blue Moon. In many Northern Hemisphere cultures, each month's Full Moon is named after a specific seasonal or natural phenomena, for example, Harvest Moon. When there are two Full Moons in a month, the second one doesn't have a proper name.

    The term Blue Moon has over time become a placeholder name for the extra Full Moon. This way, the other 12 Full Moons keep their rightful place in relation to the solstices and equinoxes. The reason the second definition of Blue Moon exists is due to an error originally made by amateur astronomer James Hugh Pruett — This erroneous definition since spread, particularly after it was quoted in a popular radio program called StarDate in and then appeared as an answer in a version of the board game Trivial Pursuit.

    Today, it is considered a second definition rather than a mistake. In , there were two Full Moons in January and March in most time zones.

    Intuitive Astrology: May Full Moon 12222

    This is sometimes called a double Blue Moon and takes place only about three to five times in a century. This will happen next in Other combinations of Blue Moons also exist. Between and there are 20 years that have one seasonal and one monthly Blue Moon. The next time is in while the previous time was in Triple Blue Moons, a combination of one seasonal and two monthly Blue Moons in the same calendar year, happens 21 times in the same time span.

    The next is in , while the last time was in There can never be a double seasonal Blue Moon, as that would require 14 Full Moons in the same year, which is not possible because the time between two Full Moons is approximately How can Full Moon be in the daytime?

    A Moon that actually looks blue, however, is a very rare sight. The Moon, full or any other phase , can appear blue when the atmosphere is filled with dust or smoke particles of a certain size: slightly wider than nm.

    Horoscopes for the May 12222 Full Moon in Scorpio

    The particles scatter the red light, making the Moon appear blue.