Meaning of horse in chinese horoscope

Energetic, Passionate, Upright, Aspirant

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According to Chinese astrology, which has 12 zodiac animal signs and five rotating elements, a baby's sign has a strong effect on his or her personality. If you're due between Jan. Horses are known for being strong-willed and unbridled as well as charming and intelligent. According to "The Handbook Of Chinese Horoscopes," the Horse is self-centered by nature and wants things done his way. With his remarkable powers of persuasion, he will set out to sway people to his way of thinking. Snapping his fingers and clicking his heels, this trailblazer could talk you into anything once he begins to dish out the charm.

People find it hard to resist his positive and self-assured outlook on life.

Chinese Zodiac Horse Table of Contents

Wooden Horses are thought to be the most reasonable of the five types of Horses. The last year of Wooden Horses was Wooden Horses are less impatient than their brethren, finding it easier to be self-disciplined and organized, but they are still strong-willed and resist "being dominated. Some of them are gentle while some are unruly. However, they can always earn admiration from others.

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The Horse people of different elements have different personalities. Click the following links to get personalities for five types of Horses. The horse people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune: The Horse person born in the morning is flat in fortune during the whole life because the sunlight is not strong in the morning.

The early years will be better than the later years.

Chinese Zodiac - Horse

So they are suggested to get good preparation for the old age. They can insure themselves or strive to earn enough money when they are young and deposit them in the bank for later use. The Horse people born at noon usually have strong personality. They are easy to get angry and offend others. Because of this, their life may full of frustrations no matter in work or social life.

People with such characters had better try to change or believe some Eastern religions to change the fortune. Those born in the evening are best in fortune as the cool night can weaken the flame. They may get success and have great achievements in career before thirty-five.

However, never get dizzy with success. They should enrich themselves in knowledge continuously and not to be the person who looks impressive but lack real worth. For the women, to have a better planning for their career is very important. Horse people are cheerful, quick-witted, fashionable, well-spoken and insightful but tend to be short-tempered out of their changeable disposition.

Chinese zodiac: the Year of the Horse - Victoria and Albert Museum

In the earthly branches, Horse is a symbol of pleasure-seeking playboy and playgirl who may easily start or end a relationship. There is every indication that people under the Horse sign generally go out to work or start a business in youth; even if they stay at home, they tend to start a career at a young age due to the independent spirit.

Horses are enthusiastic, generous and kind, and they often get along well with others, thus have many friends and are very popular.

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Therefore, they like social activities, spend a lot on this and cannot save money. Like the optimists, Horse people always impress others for their cheerfulness and they are lively, optimistic and energetic and like to join in the fun. Also, they are talkative, humorous, like smiling, and often can make others smile, and feel they are warm and comfortable.

Year Of The Horse, 2014: What It Means For You And Your Baby

With a cheerful and positive character, they usually stand out and make a little accomplishment in youth. In , the Horse natives can prove to be superficial in their love relationships or it can happen that this is not their main priority anymore. If they wish to avoid any unpleasant situations in this sphere of their life, they need to pay more attention to their partners.

When it comes to the single natives, they should not immerse themselves in plans and work because they can miss the chances of finding a mate during this year. Towards the end of , the Horse natives fall in love easily, and because of this, they often end up with their heart broken. The astrologers recommend the Horse natives to be very cautious when starting a new romantic relationship. Also, they need to resist the urge to spend too much money to please their loved ones, hoping that in this way they will obtain a harmonious love life. The Horse natives are full of energy, sociable, and extremely appreciated by everyone around them.

In a relationship, they are devoted body and soul to the loved ones and they are willing to make many sacrifices to ensure their happiness. In , the Horse natives will make good house next to the Tiger and Goat and they can have a special relationship with the Dragon. The Horse-Rat union should be avoided; confrontations are prone to happen on a daily basis. The Horse and the Tiger natives are dividing their household chores and they can be amazing parents, falling into the category of two Chinese zodiac signs that are compatible to raise a child.

The Most Active Sign in the Zodiac - the Horse

Because they love sports and they have a restless lifestyle, the Horse natives are never going to gain too much weight, staying supple until old age. They live long lives and their zest for life never vanishes. Their health is going to be excellent in the first half of the year — although some minor dental issues might ruin their good mood.